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Today’s post, it´s a collaboration with Travel Bloggers around the world who speak about a good spot or activities to do in a place. First thing, many thanks to Dubai Travel Adventure, Globejamun, Lyf&Spice, Travelweekli, Ffspls, Travelto5 and me, La Volvoreta.

Here we go…

     ♣ THINGS TO DO IN DUBAI in 36 hours

  • Autor: Shedi from DUBAI TRAVEL ADVENTURE

    Desert Safari ⇒ Desert Safari Dubai is one of the best feature of Dubai trip. As per my experience desert safari Dubai trip is amazing to get the different perspective of sundown, sand dunes and driving in the wasteland while the dinner is an added thing. Desert Safari certainly brings a unique opportunity to feel the thrill of riding a bike and adventurous moment to spend in a luxurious  car with sightseeing activities. Once you experience it you would always want to come back and do it again and again.

    Dhow Cruise ⇒  Dhow Cruise is another activity you must do in Dubai. You will have wonderful experience to have dinner on a deck of some well decorated boat. It will surely make e a perfect holiday tour in Dubai.

    Burj Khalifa ⇒  I don’t think so anyone would want to miss Burj Khalifa in Dubai trip. You need to make sure you don’t go there during peak times and also make sure you do advanced booking. The lift there is so fast. The views from the top are exquisite and the fountains from the top look magnificent. The building itself is gorgeous and must be a bucket list item for everyone out there! Don’t forget to get that mandate photo with the towering structure!

Downtown from Burj Khalifa

Downtown from Burj Khalifa


  •  Autor: Aditi Shukla from LYF&SPICE

    Out of all the places in Southeast Asia that I have travelled to, Perhentian Islands have always been close to my heart. Having lived in Kota Bharu, Malaysia for over two years, helped me gain exposure to different parts of the island. Their sparkling waters truly make them gems of the ocean. They make for the best scuba dives, and the atmosphere in those islands is surreal – you can relax at Perhentian Besar (the bigger island) or party hard at Perhentian Kecil (the smaller island). There’s something for everyone out here. The fact that they are less than 1.5 hours away from where I stay, helps me magically teleport myself to them every now and then. If you want to see more about this paradise, click here.

    Perhentian Islands

    Perhentian Islands

    ♣ SANTA BARBARA – Los Angeles

    •    Autor: Karishma Kirpalani GLOBEJAMUN

    I was studying digital marketing at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles during 2013. LA as we all know has a poor public transport system and then the best way to get around is a car. So I bought myself, a little beauty called Mazda. What memories I have. That car still holds a place in my heart.

    I still remember my first road trip. 200 miles north of Los Angeles, enroute San Francisco, there’s a wonderland town called Santa Barbara, a long time ago there was a soap opera based in this town, and named on this town.  So what it about Santa Barbara that makes it so very special.

    One thing for sure, there’s mountains that overlook the sea, and lush greenery all your round with the perfect California weather. The highs are 19 degrees Celsius and low is never below 9. rPerfect weather all year round to take a dip into the Pacific. There are these amazing sea food restaurants that overlook the beautiful pier. The sunsets here are totally mesmerising. The sky breaks out into multiple colors, and totally blows away your mind.

    My 3 most favourite highlights of Santa Barbara:

    1. On every Sunday they have an art fair. Many artists come and showcase their talent. You can pick up, anything hand made right from paintings, cosmetics, jewellery, and even wine holders at very reasonable prices.
    2. Half an hour drive from Santa Barbara there is another town called Lompoc. If you are adrenaline junkie like myself, please go to sky dive Santa Barbara, and take the plunge. They have a 100% success rate, include someone who celebrated their 100th birthday jumping of a plane.
    3. Segway is the most fun way to explore this little town. There’s a lot of tours you can take. It may seem hard to start, but by the end of it, you sure are going to be an expert. Ever since my first experience, I love Segwaye, and wherever possible try to explore a place on it. I actually want to buy one. It’s great exercise for the legs.

    The weekend in Santa Barbara is just so beautiful, that in one year, I visited 8 times. Any one who would visit, I will drive them there. Dear readers, I hope someday you too can visit Sunny Santa Barbara!

    Segway in Santa Barbara

    Segway in Santa Barbara


    • Autor: Daniel Cowen-Rivers  from TRAVELWEEKLI

    Eva asked me this one question that is write about your favourite place you have ever been. This one of the hardest question to answer. As each country I have been too has been unique in its own way.   I can’t pick all of them.

    The one that strands out, was my trip to Vietnam in 2015. It was my longest trip I have taken so far. It was 3 weeks long with my brother and our friend. The landscapes was gorgeous and especially the Vietnamese they were always happy and the Lonely Planet says they are the happiest country.

    It was full of rich history that made it an interested place to travel around and the people where very helpful and I felt safe when I was in the country.   Vietnam is home to the world biggest cave and home to 8 world heritage sites. I went to a few of them and the one that will stick in my mind forever is Halong Bay but I am upset that I did not take any pics when I was there just a video.

    I did lots of wonderful things in 3 weeks that made this country my most favoured place o far that I have been to expressly seeing the different coulters and one thing that was I will never forget is going to local club and hearing a DJ remix happy birthday song.

    Also we encountered a few problems along the way that that makes this trip even more special. After I came back from my trip it inspired me to start my travel blog and take photography more seriously. You can see more about this trip here: My Vietnam



    Postcard from Vietnam

    ♣ HAWAII, perfect beaches in the big island

    • Autor: Ain ul Haq  from FFSPLS

    Hawaii is the newest addition in The United States of America. This being the youngest and mainly all naturally developed land because of active volcanos; Hawaii Big Island become the main source of attraction to tourists from all around the world. Active volcanos and beach activities are the major attractions of this place.

    We gathered the top 5 beaches that you must visit in Hawaii that will give you best beach experiences so you can head to other great activities available at Hawaii Big Island.

    1. Kauna’oa (Mauna Kea) Beach:  it is located right in front of Mauna Kea Beach Hotel. Mauna Kea Beach definitely is the prettiest of all white sand beaches. A great place for a family visit and provides good facilities for sunbathing and surfing. Even the activities that do not require high surf such as snorkeling can be done.

    2. Hāpuna Beach: It’s the best place to take sunbath because it is mostly sunny. When the water is calm Hapuna Beach makes a great place for Snorkeling. The trees and a shaded picnic pavilion to offer shelter if you are planning to have a picnic on the spot. And it’s been voted as the best beaches of the world.

    3. Punalu’u Black Sand Beach: The most famous black sand beach also known as just “Black Sand Beach”. One of the unique beauties of nature. It is famous because of its natural black sand plus you also get to view the sight of green turtles and hawksbill turtles basking under the sun on the beach.

    4. New Kaimu Black Sand beach:  This is one of the top Famous Black Sand Beaches in the world. Lush grove and coconut palms trees all-around the beaches and a serene seaside park lined along its shore. It’s one of the best beaches you don’t want to miss.

    5. Green sand beach (Papakōlea): We mentioned the white and the black beaches but this green sand beach is the most unique and one of the two green beaches in the United States. A must-visit place at least once in a lifetime. The unique green color of the sand comes from the Mauna Loa volcano that contains green crystals called Olivines. Looking at little green crystal sand mixed with black lava and white coral makes a breathtaking sight to look at.

    Green Sand from Hawaii

    Green Sand from Hawaii


    ♣ SHIRAKAWA-GO, Japan

    • Autor: Leticia  from TRAVELTO5

    When people think about traditional Japan, the image that comes to mind is composed by geishas, samurai, red temples and green forests. It’s a beautiful image, but for this second trip we wanted to explore a bit deeper into what’s made this country so amazingly unique and set foot to the Japanese Alps.

    Dividing the island of Honshu, these mountains, with peaks over 3.000 meters high, are home to one of the most impressive Unesco World Heritage sites in Japan (which is, I must admit, a lot to say): the villages of Shirakawa-go and Gokayama. Also known as Ogimachi, Suganuma and Ainokura.

    These villages look nothing like a traditional Japanese town. With low two-sided ceilings and surrounded by forests, these family houses were used to grow the silkworms that lead to the silk that made the fabrics of the kimonos. They have stood there for centuries, ignoring the wars and the cultural and industrial revolution of Japan.

    Standing there, surrounded by rice fields and green forests, feels worlds apart from Tokyo or Osaka. And, while they don’t grow silkworms anymore, (at least as their main source of income) they still maintain their traditional crafts and relaxed way of living.

    Although we rented a car for freedom (we wanted to explore the villages in depth), the villages can be visited with day and half-day tours from Takayama city, which can be reached by train if you are planning to use the JRPass. Our favorite spot? Ainokura, just saying. If you know to see more, click here.

    ♣ BORDEAUX, France

    • Autor: Eva PV  from LA VOLVORETA

    I love France, is one of my favorite place in the world and for me, is a pleasure go there always if I have a moment. One of my loved places es Bordeaux because have all in one: history, a beautiful river, a lots of street markets and good food and wines; excellent wines. The old town has a many details in all the places, streets and shops; yes, Bordeaux, has a million of different shops: vintage, to foodies, for shopping,… If you love macarons, you need to go to Maison Larnicol and taste his products; but if you want to try a canelé, I am sure that you need to go to Baillardran. Don´t miss the Sunday Market in Chartrons: food, beverages, music,…

    You need to walk or rent a bicycle to discover this amazing city and enjoy all their gorgeous spaces: Botanical Garden, Saint Seurin, Porte Cailhau, Place de la Bourse,… I can´t words to describe all its delicate beauty. If you want to see more about this city , click here.

Porte Cailhau - Bordeaux

Porte Cailhau – Bordeaux

Well guys, hope you enjoy this big post with amazing places around the world. When in doubt… TRAVEL!

Happy Blogging! Happy Travels!


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